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!!Both games are in english and contained in the given package!!



Dont forget to thank Wink

The package contains:
- Pokemon Diamond
- Pokemon Pearl
- Nintendo DS Emulator
- eNDRYPTS Advance
- Patch
- Save Hacking Tools
and much more Wink

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do Pokémon Diamond and Pearl work on emulator?
A: Yes, on No$gba.

Q: I have "The data could not be read. Please turn off the power, then remove and reinsert the DS Game Card" error message, huh?
A: Press F11 and in NDS Cartridge Backup Media, choose Flash 256KB. Then RESET (go to File->Reset).

Q: The game freezes at the end of a battle, what can I do?
A: Turn on the sound (F11 and in sound output, choose either "Mono" or "Stereo").

Q: Okay, I'm on Route 210 and passed the Psyducks then I got a little ahead and the screen turns white? Why is that?
A: Use the HM DeFog to clear away the fog.

Q: I have a microwave failure error message, what can I do?
A: Turn off the sound most of the time and turn it on only to pass battles (since the game freezes at the end of battles if the sound is off).

Q: The speed is very low, how can I increase it?
A: The general speed is around 70% outside buildings and 120% inside. If you have these, there is nothing you can do more. If you have much lower, then, make sure you have "Unlimited MHz Disaster, 10%" as emulation speed, choose "Mono" for the sound, and "Low" for the sound quality. Close all other programs as well. This applies to my 1.5GHz / 512MB RAM computer. If your computer is better than that but Pokemon runs slower, then you don't take good care of your computer.

Q: How do I save?
A: In the game, press the button mapped to 'X' to make the start menu appear and then choose save.

Q: I can't open the menu! / Pressing 'Start' doesn't open the menu! / I've registered an item in my key items slot but nothing happens when I press Select!
A:To open the menu, press the button mapped to 'X'. To use the registered item, press the button mapped to 'Y'. In older versions of Pokemon, it was 'Start' and 'Select', but it's changed now.

Q: Can I use save state (save/load snapshot)?
A: No, it doesn't work for NDS roms.

Q: When I try to deposit, the game freezes.
A: If you have around 20+ pokemons in one box, the game freezes when you try to access you PC. To solve this, take the time beforehand to deposit pokemons in several boxes so that the number in a single box never exceeds around 20. If it happens you have already crossed the limit, you can still continue to play and access your PC: catch a few more pokemons and when they start to be sent to another box, you can try to move/deposit/withdraw... again but the previous box (which is full now) cannot be accessed anymore until possibly the next version of the emulator.

Q: Can I trade?
A: No. The Wi-Fi feature is not emulated.

Q: Can I use cheats?
A: No.

Q: Are there other emulators that run these roms?
A: iDeaS can run the game a little but not as well as No$gba. With the release of, iDeaS offers better speed than No$gba. However, it has still a feww graphical glitchs and cannot load previous saves, even if the rom is patched. DeSmuME cannot run the game
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